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Lill Big Picture Program

Big Picture Workshops & Coaching We meet on Zoom and I help you think through your challenge, visually.

We can adjust the session topics to your wishes! 


90-min Vision& Superpower Workshop

Visual Coaching session to find your WHY, your "special sauce"  and your niche. 

Identify your business opportunities and a plan to move forward  Includes the recording transcript, an AI-enhanced summary, and, of course, your sketches!

(The cost gets applied to any package moving forward.)

In one short session, Ingrid brought unexpected insight into my personal and business vision. Not sure how she does it, but her discovery questions and sketching magically create clarity. I recommend anyone in business to experience her incredible creative flow. Kim Piller, Sales Coach  


6-hour Big Picture Process Workshop

  • 90 min Vision&Superpower Workshop (unless we have already done it)
  • 3-hour Big Picture workshop to help you sell your service
  • 90 min roadmap session

Includes the recording transcripts,  AI-enhanced summaries, and the drawings

For months. I didn't put my offer out there because my message was so bland and unfocused. Seeing the big picture of my work on paper – the connection with my story and my clients – made everything easy, joyful, and light. Ingrid's beautiful method saves you hours, weeks, if not months of your time! 
Ilona Bublitz, Yoga Teacher & Coach  

3-months Big Picture Coaching

Month 1: Strategy

Big Picture Workshop as described above

Month 2&3: Implementation

We meet every other week for 60 minutes to translate your Big Picture to your marketing, e.g. LinkedIn profile that attracts customers, social media posts, webinar strategy etc. 
Includes email support. 

Your coaching turned out great for me. Finally, I have a marketing method that works. A DREAM! It is giving me so much peace. For years, I struggled with niching, and I'm so glad we found what I should focus on.  I'm picking up clients, giving my business stability. I'm on the road to success :) Husain Shekhani PhD, Ultrasonic engineering consultant

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