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Free Workshop for Coaches, Consultants and Creatives

Thursday, May 23rd | 8 PM Copenhagen - 7 PM UK  – 2 PM Eastern  

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Fun and relatable sketches of your customers - even if you think you can't draw.  

In this workshop we will: 

  • Map the customer types you're working with
    It is fun - and it helps you clarify your message. 

  • Sketch your customer types. It is easy!
    I show you how to make drawing simple. You have the permission to do things less-then perfect.

    Will you join me?

Do you want to be more visible?

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I used to hate marketing - and didn't know what to post on social media. 

This has totally changed since I started drawing. 

Drawing infuses your business with more creativity, clarity and fun!


Stop typing, start sketching!

This isn't about art - but it's a playful way to cultivate your creativity and get unstuck.

Let's bring your ideas to life, so you can start drawing sketches that help you sell! 

I thoroughly recommend attending a course, workshop, or just spending a little time with Ingrid. I have watched her untangle hot messes of really great ideas from super-smart people and arrive at insights that blow them away.

Cleo Huggins, Graphic designer

Why learn from me?

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Hi, I'm Ingrid Lill – communication designer turned visual thinking enthusiast.

I struggled to market my own business until I started sketching out my ideas. It was an aha moment - I'm a visual thinker!

Now I help entrepreneurs clarify their business by mapping it out visually using my Big Picture Process.

My background is in visual communication and branding. I'm on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs unleash their creative genius. 

You can see examples of my  work at www.lillbranding.com

Let's take back our creative skills and use them for our business!  

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